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Roasted Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce Recipe

Mint Sauce Photo : Jack ie Cameron

Mint Sauce
Photo : Jackie Cameron

As I sit with a cup of tea and the creamiest of cream scones, I  reflect on the fact that English food is not thought of as fondly as,  let’s say, French and/or Italian cuisine. This seems crazy when you  consider everything the English have brought to the table.

Then there’s pork with applesauce and lamb or mutton with fresh mint  sauce. I have fond recollections of scrumptious Sunday lunches with the  family tucking into typical “English” fare.

Roasted Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce

Yields : 4 portions

Ingredients :

2-3 Tomatoes

½  white Onion

40ml finely chopped Fresh Mint

75ml White Wine Vinegar

Salt and Pepper

5 ml White Sugar

Method :

1) Finely chop the tomato, removing all the seeds or centre part of the tomato resulting in about 80g chopped tomatoes

2) Finely chop ½ an onion so yielding about 40g chopped onion

3) Add chopped mint and white wine vinegar

4) Season with salt and pepper and finish with white sugar

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