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Smoked Snoek Spread Recipe

Smoked Snoek Spread Photo : Jackie Cameron

Smoked Snoek Spread
Photo : Jackie Cameron

A smoked snoek spread brings South   Africa into your television room.  Serve this with paper-thin Melba toast, bowls of roasted garlic, caper  berries and sundried tomatoes. Scrumptious!

Smoked Snoek Spread

Yields : about 320g

Ingredients :

85 g Smoked Snoek or Smoked Trout

1 ½ cloves crushed Garlic

5 sprigs Chopped Fennel

6 sprigs Chopped Chives

15 ml freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

¼ Onion or 1 ½ T grated Onion

200g Cream Cheese

60 ml of lightly whipped Cream

Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper

Method :

1) Flake the snoek or trout into small pieces (chef’s note: when using trout lightly pan sear in butter to allow easy flaking)

2) Add the garlic, fennel, chives, lemon juice and onion to the snoek

3) Finish with the cream cheese and cream amount

4) Season and serve with Melba Toast (chef’s note: use stale bread or freeze your bread overnight.  This will make slicing quick and easy.  Once sliced place into an oven on a low heat to allow even drying out until crispy.)

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