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Oozing Camembert and Parma Ham Recipe

Camembert and Parma Ham Recipe  Photo : Jackie Cameron

Camembert and Parma Ham Recipe
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Oozing Camembert with Orange Segments, Candied Walnuts, fresh herbs and sizzling, crisp Parma Ham

We rounded off the evening with espresso coffee and a few slices of oozing camembert with orange segments, candied walnuts and fresh herbs.  Crisp Parma Ham on the side puts the sizzle into this dish.

Yields : Enough for 5

Ingredients :

1 "La Petite France" Camembert, cut into small cheese wedges

1-2 fresh Oranges, segmented

Fresh Herbs

1 pkt, 70g, Parma Ham, oven roasted or dried

Candied Walnuts

Yields : More than enough. Enough for later eating and enjoyment

Ingredients :

3 cups Walnuts

90ml Honey

15ml Kikkoman Soya Sauce

¼ t Maldon Salt or any good quality salt

¼ t Cinnamon Powder

Method :

1) Cover walnuts with cold water and allow standing overnight

2) Pat dry with paper towelling. Mix honey, soya, salt and cinnamon together. Add this to and over the walnuts

3) Place this walnut mixture onto greaseproof paper onto a tray into a cool oven, 80˚C, until the walnuts are crisp. This should take about 1½ hours, be sure to turn the walnuts around within the pan every now and then

On serving :

Take the Camembert pieces top with an orange segment, candied walnuts and fresh herbs. Finish with crisp Parma ham and accompany with biscuits

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