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Turkey Stuffing Recipe

Turkey Stuffing Photo : Jackie Cameron

Turkey Stuffing
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Turkey Stuffing Recipe

Sticking to tradition, I like turkey. It's juicy and delicious if cooked correctly. Should you browse through "Larousse Gastronomique" - the world's most famous culinary reference book – you'll see turkey described as a farmyard bird raised for its delicate flesh". A rich, pungent and textured stuffing completes and complements roast turkey. I promise, your guests will be back next year!

Yields: just over 3 cups or about 1.120 kg


160 g Onion

295 g Bacon

500 g Pork Sausages

250 g cleaned Chicken Livers

35 g Pistachio Nuts (chef's note: or any other Nut of choice.I like the green colour of the Pistachio Nuts which adds interest)

3 Eggs

6 T Brandy

Salt and Pepper

½ t Nutmeg

125 g Breadcrumbs

Method :

1) Sauté chopped onion and bacon and set aside

2) Bring a small pot of water to the boil.Lightly poach livers in water and set aside

2) Squeeze the pork mince out of the sausages

3) Roast and roughly chop the pistachio nuts

4) Mix all the above ingredients together

5) You are now ready to stuff the turkey – under the skin and inside the turkey's cavity

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