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Egg Nog Recipe

Egg Nog Photo : Jackie  Cameron

Egg Nog
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Egg Nog Recipe

Spicy egg nog sets the tone when handed to guests on their arrival. It's usually served to toast one's health; and that's what we all need for the coming year.

Yields: 4 large glasses

Ingredients :

3 large Eggs

187 g Sugar

132 ml Brandy (Klipdrift)

62 ml Rum (Red Hart)

2 cup Full Cream Milk

2 cup Cream

62 ml Icing Sugar

Nutmeg, Cinnamon or Mixed Spice

Method :

1) Separate your eggs

2) Whisk the yolks and then add sugar.Continue whisking until pale yellow in colour

3) Add brandy, rum and milk and half the cream to the above mixture slowly

4) Set aside until service

5) On service whisk egg whites until firm and fold into egg nog mixture

6) Whip the remaining of the cream with icing sugar and flavour with spices.Use this to top every glass as garnish

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