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Tiramisu Cups Recipe

Tiramisu Cups Photo : Jackie Cameron

Tiramisu Cups
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Tiramisu Cups

Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

Tiramisu (Italian dessert made with sponge biscuits soaked in coffee and liquor, and topped with mascarpone or a soft cheese, and garnished with grated chocolate) cups are always a hit for their sweet and savoury combinations. They can be pulled out of the fridge at the last minute and win the day as a perfect “pick me up” - living up to the translation of the name.

Yields : 4 Large portions

Ingredients :

250gr Mascarpone Cheese

50gr Cream

100gr Castor Sugar

2 sheets Gelatine, sponge in cold water

2 Whole Eggs

250ml Cream, whipped

250gr Mascarpone Cheese

500ml Boiling Water

90ml Good Quality Coffee Powder

120ml Kahlua Liquor

1 box Boudoir Biscuits

Method :

1) Place the first amount of 250gr mascarpone, cream and castor sugar into a pot, stir all the time until the sugar is dissolved. Bring to the boil, but don't let reduce. Add the sponged gelatine

2) Let the mixture slightly cool down, then add to the whisked eggs

3) Place the mixture into the fridge and allow to semi set

4) Fold the whipped cream into the second amount of mascarpone cheese and set aside

5) Mix the water, coffee and kahlua together

6) Dip the biscuits in the coffee mixture and place into a glass dish ( 4 individual ones).

7) Then place a layer of the mascarpone mixture

8) Keep layering biscuits and mascarpone mixture

9) End with the mascarpone mixture. You should have some coffee mixture left over. Drizzle 2½ Tablespoons over each glass dish and place into the fridge

10) Decorate with chocolate curls, icing sugar and mint.

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