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Toad In The Hole Recipe

 Toad In The Hole Photo: Jackie Cameron

Toad In The Hole
Photo: Jackie Cameron

Toad In The Hole

In the Hartford House kitchen, I impress upon all that an order should take as long as the eggs take to cook. A good few hours are spent preparing for this important meal and I believe an aspiring chef should spend his / her first month on the breakfast shift because it teaches precision, speed and the importance of maintaining a high standard. No one wants a badly fried egg first thing in the morning.

Fond recollections I have are making and eating 'toad in the hole', and boiled eggs with toasted dipping soldiers. I am amazed at how many people are unfamiliar with these dishes.

Yields: 1


45 ml Sunflower Oil

1 slice white Bread

1 whole Egg


1) Get a pan hot, add oil and continue to heat

2) Cut the centre of the bread out, place into the pan, add the egg to the centre and cook-turn over if need be

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