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Turkish Delight Recipe

Turkish Delight Photo :  Jackie Cameron

Turkish Delight
Photo : Jackie Cameron

Turkish Delight Recipe

Dessert means time to relax so serve something effortless such as crispy crunchy popcorn, smooth-textured Turkish delight and decadent hand-made chocolate truffles.

Yields : +- 40 (2x2cm in size)

Ingredients :

50g powdered Gelatine

250ml Rose Water

750g Castor Sugar

88g Corn Flour

60ml Rose Water

15ml Rose Syrup

30g Icing Sugar

30g Corn flour

Method :

1) Sponge the gelatine in the 250ml rose water

2) Put the sponged gelatine, rose water and sugar into a pot and stir until all the sugar crystals are dissolved

3) Make slurry (flour, water paste) with the 88g corn flour and the 60ml rose water

4) Add this to the hot liquid and allow this to come to the boil

5) Add 15ml Rose syrup for colouring

6) Pour this mixture into an oiled tray (15x22cm) and allow setting over night at room temperature

7) Cut into blocks. Mix the 30g Icing Sugar and the 30g Corn flour together.  Dust the Turkish delight in this and serve when needed

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