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White Chocolate and Fennel Mousse Recipe

 White Chocolate Fennel Mousse Photo : Jackie Cameron

White Chocolate Fennel Mousse
Photo : Jackie Cameron

White Chocolate and Fennel Mousse

 Jackie Cameron Head Chef

Jackie Cameron
Head Chef

White-chocolate-and-herb frozen mousse with vibrantly-coloured, edible garden flowers served with a tart, berry sorbet is creamy and fresh. Every bite releases the aromas of an herb garden after a thunderstorm. Expect an explosion of flavour!

Yields : 2L

Ingredients :

360ml Full Cream Milk

½ Vanilla Pod, cut lengthwise and all seeds scraped out

500gr White Belgium Chocolate, or the best white chocolate available

3 sheets Gelatine, sponged

500ml Cream, whipped

2 Lemon Zest

2 Orange Zest

15ml Fennel, chopped

Method :

1) Heat up the milk and vanilla pod in a little sauce pan

2) Over a double boiler melt 240ml of the heated up milk together with the white chocolate

3) Keep the remaining milk in the pot, add the gelatine to dissolve

4) When the chocolate is melted, strain the gelatine milk into it and mix well

5) Place into the fridge, allow to semi set, stirring every few minutes

6) Fold in the whipped cream

7) Add the zest and fennel to taste

8) Serve simply with a selection of sweet and savoury herbs and edible flowers

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